Benjamin Manley
Founder & Designer

After gaining valuable experience at several creative agencies and leading a university design team, Benjamin founded Knapsack as a ploy to do his best creative work and gain personal freedom. In his spare time he goes kayaking, dabbles in minimalism, and plots to build his own log cabin.

Joy Guelzo
Client Experience

Joy focuses on customer service and clear communication, things she learned from her English degree and over 7 years in the retail world. When she’s not furiously taking notes or playing Tetris with the office calendar, she’s helping her husband create films and obsessing over all things Disney World.

Wesley Tate

Wes pulls from his background in graphic design and video production to create beautiful websites that tell stories. When he's not plugged into the matrix he can be found backpacking the Blue Ridge mountains, boating across the Potomac, or running his screen printing and t-shirt company.


What We Value

Great Experiences

Client experience begins with the team member experience. We foster an environment where self-directed individuals thrive.


We put our best effort into each unique project knowing that the more we put into it, the more pride we get out of it.


Fierce independence runs in our blood. As Knapsack evolves we prioritize our freedom and sustainability over rapid growth.


Companies are just people at work. We genuinely care about others and try our best to keep their interests at heart.