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How we made a corporate counterintelligence company's website not suck in just one day

As soon as we received Liam's email requesting help with his website, we knew he was going to be a great client:

I am in need of an awesome website. I really like the feel of Squarespace sites, however, I apparently can't build a good one. Please let me know if you are interested in helping me make it not suck.

We met with Liam and his business partner using video chat a few days later. They expressed the need to have a very professional website that would leave a good first impression with some high-level potential clients that they were going to be meeting with.

Building a Squarespace Website in One Day

On the site build day Liam joined us at our Lynchburg, VA office. We fleshed out the basic structure of the site using a Squarespace template called Pacific while Liam wrote additional copy. We worked together to come up with professional, fresh colors and imagery that would represent them well. We carefully selected fonts that would communicate security and technical expertise without going too far on the geeky side. We even got the chance to design some really cool custom icons and a new updated logo.

During this project we learned a lot about cyber security and how important it can be, even for smaller companies. If you have any questions about protecting your company and intellectual property, we highly recommend contacting Bluestone Analytics.


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The one day service from Knapsack is exactly what I needed. Working with them on-site made the process easy and fun. They built an incredible website in a day and a week later my average web traffic was three times higher than before. Great team and very creative product.

Liam Bowers
Founder & CEO


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