Guide Membership

The simple way to get custom designed marketing materials.


Features that help you promote your business consistently:

✓ Get a design every month

Our professional designers provide you with the consistent, ongoing help you need in order to look professional and market your business.

✓ We take the lead

We know you're already busy running your business. That's why we proactively work to create designs and come to you to with questions we may have.

✓ Our team is your team

By joining our Guide membership plan, you get access to our experienced designers at a fraction of the cost of hiring a part or full-time designer.

Just a few of the many types of designs we can create for you:

Brand Collateral

Business cards
Presentation templates
Greeting cards
Sales sheets

Social Media

Profile images
Cover images
Promotional graphics
Profile theming


Landing pages
Blog post graphics


Social media ads
Google ads
Magazine/print ads


Outdoor signs
Indoor signs
Pop-up displays


T-Shirts and polos
Jackets and hoodies
Hats and bags

Branded Gifts

Mugs/water bottles
Gift certificates


Newsletter templates
Email graphics

Our process makes promoting your business easy.

1. We make a plan

We sit down together, learn about your business and map out a flexible plan to meet your marketing design needs for the next several months.

2. We create your designs

We proactively work with you each month to adjust the plan, share our ideas and get any information we need from you to complete that month's design.

3. Your business grows

Every month we deliver a beautiful, custom design to help you look professional, reach more customers and grow your business.

Ready to get started?

Sign up today and we'll be in touch to schedule our first meeting where we'll get to know your business and create your plan.


Have Questions?

Not sure if this plan is for you? Shoot us an email or give us a call and we can see if we're a good fit for your business needs.