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Partake Foods

Creating a gluten-free, allergy-friendly web experience with Partake Foods

Allergies can be a mess of a problem. Not only can they keep you from enjoying the foods that you love, they can be downright dangerous (especially for kids). Although there is a growing market for health related food products, there are still many areas where innovation is needed. Luckily, the allergy-friendly cookie department is being covered by Partake Foods.

Denise approached us looking to create a website to help legitimize the Partake brand and tell its story. This would be used in order to help her Kickstarter campaign to be successful. She needed a product site for a product that had not launched, yet. Using a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project. With just a minimum amount of content to start with, our Squarespace designers kicked into gear to work a little web design magic.

We styled the site with a happy, bright feel using some of the product design colors and a mixture of strong and whimsical typefaces. With a few image mock-ups and graphic flourishes, Squarespace’s Pacific template gave us the ability to showcase the work in a unified one-page layout. Even though there was not yet a physical product, the site felt robust and solid enough to establish a brand and back up the Kickstarter campaign.

We had a lot of fun building this site. Seeing Denise light up as she saw it come together made our day. It’s always exciting to see how far a few product mock-ups and a solid brand can go in web design. We’re happy to say that Partake Foods had a successful campaign and we’re awaiting the arrival of our first batch of cookies!


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We’ve gotten so many compliments on our website. They were able to take the few comments I provided, along with our graphics, and bring my vision to life!

Denise Woodward
Founder of Partake Foods


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