Website Build + Logo Design

Sweetpea Mobile

A new website and logo for an app developer's growing venture

When we met Pietro, he had been doing native mobile development for several years, but was looking to expand his business and launch a new company under the name Sweetpea Mobile. He found us through the Squarespace website and contacted us for help with designing and setting up a professional website that could help bring in business.

We met over video chat to talk through his project and hit it right off. It turned out that he also needed help creating a logo and business cards, so we took on the challenge.

Pietro traveled from New Jersey to our office in Lynchburg, VA to work on the project together. We always jump at the chance to work with our clients in person! We tackled the logo first and after sketching 30 unique concepts and developing our favorites, we settled on a logo and color scheme that we were all happy with.


Design Process Gallery

On day two of the project we took Pietro's text content that he had prepared ahead of time, reworked it a bit and built out a Squarespace site on the Hyde template. After applying the new color scheme, selecting fonts, customizing illustrations, and laying out the pages, everything really came together to make an excellent site.

If you're looking for help with iOS, Android, WatchOS, or tvOS application development, check out Sweetpea Mobile. Pietro was excellent to collaborate with and we look forward to working with him again in the future!

Knapsack is one of the best design companies I’ve ever worked with. They are talented at their craft but also very hard working, professional, and know how to deliver a high quality product.

Pietro Rea
Owner, Sweetpea Mobile


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