Squarespace Website Training

Learn the essentials of using your new website.


Video: An Introduction to Using Squarespace

00:10 - Accepting an Invitation
01:19 - Signing In
02:21 - Menu Overview
03:47 - Working with Pages
14:15 - Introduction to Blocks
17:09 - Laying Out a Page
20:27 - Adding Blog Post
23:06 - Adding Products
27:22 - Connecting Social Accounts
28:39 - Adding Contributors
29:36 - Additional Resources


Official Squarespace Resources

Squarespace Website Guide

Squarespace's official website guide with basic information and links to resources about how to use the platform.

Squarespace Online Help

An extensive library of help articles and videos to help you learn how to do almost anything with Squarespace.

Squarespace Customer Care

For technical issues or questions about the platform, you can contact the Customer Care team.


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