Rough Day? 10 Practical Ideas to Improve Your Attitude


I’m generally a pretty positive person, but from time to time I get into a funk. I might feel like things aren’t going my way and I start to have negative attitude.

Not only does a bad attitude make me unhappy, it often affects the mood of my family, friends, and coworkers as well. That’s why I try to snap out of it as soon as I recognize that my attitude is a problem.


10 Practical Ways to Improve Your Attitude

  1. Identify the source
    Spend a few minutes exploring your feelings and discovering why you have a negative attitude.

  2. Go for a walk
    Getting outside can change your mood, as well as getting your heart rate pumping more blood to your brain.

  3. Take a short nap
    Going to sleep for 15 minutes can reset your brain and help you start over with a fresh attitude.

  4. Do something creative
    Take a break to play an instrument, build something, or do something artistic.

  5. Meditate
    Try closing your eyes and breathing slowly, or better yet, try an app like Headspace.

  6. Eat something healthy
    Sometimes you might get grumpy just because you skipped a meal (it happens to me often).

  7. Put your problem in perspective
    Think about the fact that when you look back someday, your current problems may not even seem important.

  8. Listen to upbeat music
    Music streaming services like Spotify have playlists built according to mood. Find something that pumps you up.

  9. Hang out with positive friends
    Call up an encouraging friend that you enjoy being with, and tell them how you’re feeling.

  10. Acknowledge the good things
    Whatever is wrong, there are always things that are going right. Make a list of the things that are going your way.

How about you? What do you do to improve your attitude?

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.
— Captain Jack Sparrow
Benjamin ManleyComment