4 Ways to Make a Squarespace Template Feel Custom


Squarespace provides beautiful, clean templates out of the box that can save you time and make it easy to build your own site. But aren’t there only a few dozen templates to choose from? Won’t your site look like all the other Squarespace sites?

These are great questions, and in this post we’ll show you some ways to make your site feel custom even though you’re using a Squarespace template.

Here are 4 techniques to make your Squarespace template look and feel custom.


1. Implement your brand

There’s nothing worse than a fun, hip creative agency with a site that feels corporate and traditional. Or a high-end law firm with a site that feels cute and friendly. Make sure that your brand matches you, then apply it to your template.

Use Squarespace’s Style Editor to customize fonts, colors, headings, buttons, image blocks, forms etc. all in the cohesive style of your brand. Having a clearly defined brand that is translated into colors, fonts, language and imagery throughout your site immediately makes it your own.

The example above, Morris & Kamlay, is a law firm located in Washington D.C., so the site needed to feel high-end, sleek and professional. We used strong, modern fonts and bold, corporate colors to custom-tailor their site. 


2. Create Unique Banner Images

If you’ve ever looked through our portfolio you’ll notice that we love designing custom, creative banners for our clients that disrupt the out-of-the-box templates.

If you have basic Photoshop skills, this is a great way to take your site to the next level. 

Simply take your banner image into Photoshop and create a unique edge along the top or bottom using shapes, brushes or patterns.

Once you’ve uploaded the image to Squarespace, make sure to set the image’s focal point to the customized edge you created so that it doesn’t get cropped off on different screen sizes.

You can also customize images by adding textures and overlays ing Photoshop. The possibilities are pretty much endless.


3. Add Icons

This next technique we use not only makes your site feel more custom, but it’s a really great way to visually organize your content (which increases the chances of your text being read).

You can modify stock icon packs in Illustrator to make them match the brand colors and the overall style of your site.

Once you’ve created them, try adding them as image blocks along with corresponding text to create a custom feel.


4. Get Creative with Image Blocks

In 2017 Squarespace released Image Block 2.0 which introduced 5 different designs for how to layout images with text. The layouts include Poster, Card, Overlap, Collage and Stack. There’s lots of ways to use these, so get creative.

At Knapsack, we took full advantage of these for our new website which we launched earlier this year. You can see on our home page alone we use Card style image block and Stack style image block to achieve some pretty fun effects.


So there you have it! We hope these techniques help take your Squarespace site to the next (very custom-feeling) level.

Take a stab at these tricks and let us know how it goes!

Savanna KahleComment