7 Organizational Tools That Are a Pleasure to Use


I am always looking for the simplest organizational tool that can get the job done – Just what I need and nothing more. Here are some of my favorite tools that help me stay organized.

Note: A few of the tools in the list are Apple ecosystem exclusive, which is indicated by a "Mac/iOS only" label.


1. Slack for team messaging

Slack has certainly become a big phenomenon over the past few years, but I'm always finding new people (especially outside of tech-related industries) who have never heard of it. My team and I use it daily to communicate about client work and internal projects. I love that you can create "channels" to keep conversations organized and browsable by topic. It's quick and easy like texting, but way more organized.


2. Things for Tasks

Mac/iOS only

This is a beautifully simple yet powerful task management app created by the folks at Cultured Code. I love how easy it is to add new tasks on the spot and organize them later. Even though it's very feature-rich, it has an uncluttered interface that gets out of the way and lets you organize your work.


3. Moleskine for Planning

I love the Moleskine Cahier Journals because of their slim profile and quality materials. I use both the regular and pocket-sized versions to write down ideas, prioritize, and hash out future plans. I think more clearly without the distraction of technology, so a physical notebook is perfect for this type of activity.


4. 1Password for Logins

If you ever find yourself forgetting your password or using the same password over and over, take the time to invest in a password management system. 1Password allows me to access all of my hundreds of logins securely from any of my devices. Plus, the interface is clean, organized, and easy to use.


5. Mindnode for idea maps

Mac/iOS only

Whether I'm brainstorming an idea or creating a sitemap, Mindnode is usually the first tool I pull out. It's as easy to use as a physical whiteboard, but more powerful since you can reorganize your thoughts on the fly.


6. Paper for shared notes

Dropbox Paper is the simplest solution for shared documents and notes that I've ever seen. I prefer it over Google Docs because of its minimalist interface and how effortless it feels to collaborate in real time.


7. Bear for writing

Mac/iOS only

Bear is my favorite app for writing blog posts or taking notes that don't need to be shared with my team. It has powerful organization features like tags and note linking, but also eliminates distractions with limited formatting options and a focus mode.


Those are my favorites, but I'd love to hear from you – What tools do you use to stay organized?