Can't do it all? Use this Quick Method to Prioritize


In this post, I'll be sharing a tried-and-true method that I've used to prioritize when things get busy. Let's begin!


Eisenhower's Matrix

Also known as the Eisenhower Principle, this tool was developed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in order to help him decide what to focus on each day since he had so many important things that were constantly vying for his attention.

To use this method, draw a simple matrix like this:


Now fill in each of the sections with the items on your project or task list. The top left should contain tasks that are both urgent and important. In the top right you should write tasks that are important but less urgent, and so on.

It might look something like this:


Here's where the magic happens. Follow this guide on how to take action on each of your listed tasks:

  1. Important and urgent: Do these tasks first

  2. Important but less urgent: Schedule these tasks.

  3. Less important and urgent: Delegate these to someone else.

  4. Less important and less urgent: Don't do these at all.


That's it! Pretty simple.

I find this method especially helpful when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I can just sit down, draw a few boxes, and write everything out and within a few minutes I have clarity on what I should do next.

What tips do you have for prioritizing?

Benjamin Manley2 Comments