Is Squarespace Right for Me?


Here at Knapsack we love Squarespace. We’ve built 300 (and counting) sites in the platform so it’s safe to say we’re long-time fans. But we know that it isn’t right for everyone. Here are 4 signs that Squarespace might be the right platform for you.


1. I need something user-friendly

Every website owner knows that content tweaks are inevitable. Whether you add a new staff member, need to update your portfolio or add a new blog post — you need to be able to make changes quickly and easily. Squarespace’s drag and drop platform is intuitive and easy to learn. You may even find yourself having fun while using it.


2. I want a beautiful, clean design (without the hassle)

Squarespace’s templates provide a beautiful, clean place to begin your site. Gone are the days where a “great” website has more words than visuals. Minimalistic, clean designs with eye-catching images capture the attention of busy people.

(Side note: ever heard the argument, “Well if I use a Squarespace template, won’t my site will look like every other Squarespace site?” We’ll tackle that valid but untrue argument in another blog post.)


3. I’m not tech-savvy

Do you remember when the iPhone first came out? The once foreign touch-screen quickly became the future of technology. How? Because it required little to no learning curve (even toddlers intuitively know how to use one).

Well, Squarespace has been compared to the Apple of web site builders — as Wordpress, it’s main competitor, is to PC. While every website builder has a learning curve, we think Squarespace is the most intuitive option, allowing even the least tech-savvy among us are able to figure out the platform.


4. I need my website to work for mobile too

We don’t need to convince anyone that their site must work (and look good) on mobile. Roughly 51% of consumers visit websites on a mobile device (Stat Counter). Squarespace’s templates are fully responsive for all screen sizes. And the best part? It will do most, it not all, of the work for you.


Hopefully this helps get you started on your decision-making process. If you need help, we would love to discuss your website needs and give you a recommendation. You can reach out to us here.

If you’d like to dive deeper into a feature-by-feature breakdown, check out this detailed comparison of Squarespace vs. Wordpress.

Savanna KahleComment